How words feel in your mouth.

So I was thinking of epiphanies, and the word “Eureka” came up.

You've got it

That word sounds like an infection, or a pain associated with vomit, or something horrible and medical.

The doctor said solemnly, “Eureka, you’ve got it. An acute case, in fact.”

So then I thought of all the nice-sounding medical words that are actually really nasty things.

Like evil aunties in Roald Dahl books

And then I put those two things together.

words are fun

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11 Responses to How words feel in your mouth.

  1. Stripe says:

    I’ve just met a girl named Malaria,
    and suddenly I’ve found
    how misleading a sound
    can be…’

  2. C Barnes says:

    I’ve long thought that Polio sounds rather delicious, something you’d want a bowl of with a nice table wine.

  3. marthaeliza says:

    crepuscular is a particularly unfortunate word. it sounds like a crusty, pus-filled skin lesion, when it’s really the most lovely time of day. a recent YA fiction trilogy should have been titled “Crepuscular”.

  4. James Watriss says:

    Oh, internet. You know… You just KNOW…

    Somebody, somewhere, is now going to name their daughter ‘Eureka Malaria.’

  5. A says:

    The spelling is chlamydia.

  6. Cindy M says:

    I worked with a girl who thought that diarrhea would be a lovely name if it wasn’t such an ugly thing.

  7. protoopus says:


    “I’ll batha.”

  8. Erin says:

    Oh! We used to play this game in vet school all the time! My favorite is Listeria monocytogenes. Sounds like a beautiful foreign girl. So wanted to name a kid that.

  9. Stripe says:

    Out for a walk in the woods the other day, I came across a small club fungus I had forgotten about, the candle-snuff fungus, “Xylaria hypoxylon”. Another great name, for a small and grungy type of fungi. Sounds like the queen of a space colony to me.

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