Where it’s so very easy to disappear.

bring your hand sanitizer

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10 Responses to Where it’s so very easy to disappear.

  1. CJT says:

    At the technical conferences I’ve been to, people are far too busy schmoozing to bother with gender discrimination. While the ratio isn’t 1:1 yet, women are present (at least in my field) and are respected (to the degree anyone else is, anyways).

    I’ve also yet to see an academic or technical conference that looks like fun to _anyone_ involved. You’re either giving a talk, listening to talks, trying to sell something, listenting to people try to sell things, trying to find people who want to hire you/collaborate with you, or trying to find people you want to hire/collaborate with. These are business occasions, and about as much fun as you’d expect.

    You might be thinking of trade shows, instead (where it’s all vendors trying to sell things to casual attendees). Those at least try to appear like fun to get attendees in and build hype.

  2. Shawn says:

    Yes, I have attended those conferences. While it appears to be changing slowly, usually women make up 10% or less of the attendees and much less of the speakers. Still have a ways to go.

  3. Fay says:

    I’ve been to a couple of tech conferences for my field, and this is basically spot on. Out of the 150+ attendees, I was one of 5 women, and the only one below the age of 40. For the most part, everyone was well-behaved, but one man would make a point to follow me around the convention, sit near me in classes, and then try to sit at my table during the meals. Some coworkers who had also gone on the trip would escort me to my room in the evenings so this weirdo wouldn’t try and harass me there, either.

    Trade shows are a lot more tame in my opinion, or at least the ones I’ve been to are tame. A large portion of the booths are either run entirely boy women or have both women and men working them. I’ll take a trade show over a tech conference any day.

  4. Stripe says:

    Or, every lame “orgy” I’ve ever gone to.

  5. James Orpin says:

    At the technical conferences I’ve been to I haven’t noticed any gender discrimination so it must no happen.


  6. Kathy Jacobs says:

    Have you ever thought about putting this one on a shirt or a poster? Been in the tech industry for many many years. When I started, maybe 1% of the attendees at tech conferences were women. Now, it’s maybe 10%. Better. But still made to feel the same.

    (my two cents – take or leave as desired)

  7. CJT says:

    At the technical conferences I’ve been to I haven’t noticed any gender discrimination so it must not be common.

    FIFY right back. Here’s a statistics text so you can estimate the error bounds, given a null observation result for whatever you’re assuming my sample size is.

  8. James Orpin says:

    “too busy schmoozing to bother with gender discrimination”

    I wasn’t a stats fail on my part but an English fail on yours, you imply it doesn’t happen not that it’s uncommon.

    In future try checking your privelage at the door and listen to what the women from these conferences actually say they experience instead of your interpretation based on what you haven’t noticed.

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