How to enjoy work more.

friendship kills nasty gossip dead

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2 Responses to How to enjoy work more.

  1. Erika says:

    I wish work allowed more time for talking to each other.

    I have this idea that modern human society is forcing an unnatural level of aloneness. When our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they spent nearly all their time together– hunting and gathering in groups, then socializing the rest of the time. Even a few hundred years ago, adults lived with their parents until they married (and afterwards the couple usually lived with the groom’s parents). People were hardly ever alone.

    But now we spend our young adulthood living in single-person apartments, with most of our waking hours spent in workplaces that allow communication only for utilitarian purposes. Even if we have an active social life, only a very small percentage of our time goes toward true social interaction.

    In this context, it’s easy to see online social media as our attempt to squeeze socializing into any moment of the day where it might fit, in an effort to return to our natural level of human contact.

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