‘How To Be Interesting’ has a video!

How meta is that? From pixels to a book and then back again. Links to buy it are at the top left corner of my blog (for everyone reading this on other channels).

Also: you’ll be able to hear my high-pitched voice this weekend on NPR’s Splendid Table, talking about how to be interesting at a dinner party (spoiler alert: there may be mention of feral cats).


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5 Responses to ‘How To Be Interesting’ has a video!

  1. linda says:

    What? You are going to be on my favorite NPR show! Your RSS is the only one I let download to my email because your simple clean ideas are great.

    I’m going out to Embrace my weirdness the rest of the day!

  2. ditto says:

    I just listened to it last night. Great piece and good advice. :)

  3. Len Jaffe says:

    The Indexed Table!

    You’re a thought leader now. soon you’ll be on “How to do everything” and before you know it, you’ll be a panelist on “Wait, Wait, don’t tell me”

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  5. Hey, I just hit on your book in the local library in sunny Singapore! Wow, your book is traveling places.