Depends on, well, you know.

She is so annoying, amiright?

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7 Responses to Depends on, well, you know.

  1. James H. Cliborn says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world if industry! Dilbert is documentoon!

  2. James H. Cliborn says:

    s/b “of”, not “if”

  3. Debra Avery says:

    That whole “That guy is so strong – what a great leader” vs. “That woman is so strong – what a bitch” thing drives me absolutely insane!!

    Thanks for giving me a Venn Diagram to name it!! Keep up the great drawing!

    • Robert Arrington says:

      Debra, the insanity truly lies with those who would think such a comment-or even the perspective that would generate it-is acceptable. I do understand your response, however, it’s maddeningly frustrating that some myths are as tenacious as they are.

  4. tudza says:

    I thought it would depend on whether they’re nice to me, or at least civil.

    • That too. Within each sex, I know some serious, competent, articulate individuals who I think are good leaders, and others I think are jerks. (I don’t like the word “bitches” because it’s inaccurate– female dogs are usually total sweethearts.) I do think it depends on how nice they are to me.

      Me, specifically, I mean. Who cares how someone treats others, as long as they’re nice to me. We all tend to have double standards: one for ourselves and one for other people.

  5. Jenni M says:

    This diagram immediately put me in mind of some of the points in Sheryl Sandberg’s new book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead”. According to recent research, “Likability” and “Success” is positively correlated for men (that is, the more successful the man is the more people think he’s probably a great guy) but negatively correlated for women (the more successful she is, the less people – both male and female – are inclined to like her). It’s an excellent book, whether you, yourself, are a man or a woman.