The Von Trapps heard them coming from miles away.


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6 Responses to The Von Trapps heard them coming from miles away.

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  2. Phil says:

    Hey Jessica,

    I usually enjoy your little pieces of enlightenment very much. However, the one you posted today is rather insulting and displays a very prejudiced and confined knowledge of the modern music scene landscape. Please bear in mind that this post offends everyone who enjoys Death Metal. And no, Death Metal is no longer a fringe phenomenon but has grown more socially acceptable since the 2000s and continues to do so. It is a form of art that may be misunderstood by many, but that does not make the artists and the listeners Nazis.

    A person who sometimes listens to Death Metal and enjoys it without being anti-Semitic in any way

  3. tushar says:

    the hills are alive… with a rain of blood?

  4. fireflight says:


  5. tahrey says:

    No, you’re thinking of “Nazi Death Metal”. The other bands, not so much. They just want to kill EVERYTHING.

  6. cyborgesus says:

    Eh, you’re thinking black metal rather than death. Check out NSBM on wikipedia.