Be a pal.

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9 Responses to Be a pal.

  1. Arvin says:

    I’d replace “Opportunist” with “Pragmatist” !!

    Keep up the absolutely wonderful work/fun Jessica

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  4. Brian Macker says:

    So if others can do a lot for me, like in a capitalist society, then my only options are to be either an unkind idiot or kind opportunist, however if I live in some third world hellhole my only option is to be a kind humanist?

    • Kirk says:

      I read it this way: If your motive for doing is that you get something in return, you are being opportunist. If you are being kind to others for the sake of being kind, because it is the right thing to do, you are being humanist. If you expect others to do for you without returning the favor, you are being idiotic.

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  7. Ken Batts says:

    We benefit by behaving according to our ideals, so being kind is an intelligently selfish act. It’s not that we treat people kindly in order to get something from them, it’s that we get self-approval and satisfaction for treating others well.