I love your hair.

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2 Responses to I love your hair.

  1. Tobl says:

    Why is it that every body thinks that too much honesty is bad?
    If someone were too be perfectly honest, there are near-to-none situations in which it wouldn’t benefit the general wellbeing.
    To stick with the cards example on “Brutality”: the person will hear it either from you in a friendly tone or from somebody else in a likely not-friendly-at-all way of speaking. The brutal thing to do is to not tell your friend, the only one to benefit from this being yourself in avoiding a potential conflict with your friend.

    TL;DR: The graph should continue upwards on the right.

    • Richard says:

      When I read it, my thought was it is along the lines of the expression “Honesty without compassion = Brutality” (which I would agree with). The “Truth” can be a used as a weapon as much as anything else…..