Note to hoteliers.

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9 Responses to Note to hoteliers.

  1. Jason says:

    Yep. “Sandblast” should not be a setting on some hotel showerheads :/

  2. Alisan says:

    I love this, but based on recent experience, I think your line should extend to the origin. I woke up in a hotel that had NO water pressure, due to a water main break in the area. No showers for the hotel guests yesterday!

  3. Chris says:

    Gravity may have something to do with that. Getting water pressure constant within a building taller than most water-towers is going to be very tricky.

  4. wawa says:

    Laffer Curve?

  5. nsk says:

    Why only target hoteliers! Applies to any shower head.

    • Dratini0 says:

      Beacause she only had problems with hotel showers! At home she can control the water pressure by using the tap (and she is used to the shower-pressure of her home…)

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  7. two cents says:

    Or, perhaps this was a social commentary: “I whine about this more than I should.” This is a “problem” only for folks with they money to pay for a hotel room or have the job that paid for the hotel room. Meanwhile, we continue to live in a time when many (found across the globe) either do not have safe, clean reliable showers with hot water (home or hotel) or do not have the income for travel that includes a hotel room. Just sayin’

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