Your daily Labyrinth:

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6 Responses to Your daily Labyrinth:

  1. dratini0 says:

    Nice expression of a (fairly simple) fact.

  2. michelle says:

    It’s really a great issue – personnally I found out that it helps to try and get a 360 perspective on things. There’s a new startup called Fair Observer that helped me get exactly that – at least on the trending worldwide issues.

  3. Nebet says:

    Hahaha, love the alt-text.

  4. woodstock says:

    I disagree. Hope often leads to disappointment without proper planning and risk evaluation. Wait for hope to come to you.

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  6. Sanjay says:

    how come “things to run from” and “things to run forward” on different axis – one is on x and one is on y.
    “things to run from” is exact opposite of “things to run forward”. So it has to be on same axis. One in negative territory and one in positive territory.