Just try to look away.

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9 Responses to Just try to look away.

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  2. demon says:

    I can never look away from cleavage… But why would you want to look away?

  3. Stripe says:

    And the Devil said, in a gravelly rasp, “Ahem, my eyes are up here.”

  4. nsk says:

    As Seinfeld educated George Kostanza, its like looking at the sun … you never stare, you take a glance and turn away!

  5. Ark says:

    I love when the form of the message is in sync with the message itself like that.

  6. RainmanDX says:

    I really like the visual cue the Venn Diagram gives for this one. Yay cleavage!

  7. tushar says:

    cursed succubi…

  8. - says:

    Wouldn’t about a million other things that undermine priests’ work also turn heads?