Yes, fine, just email me.

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8 Responses to Yes, fine, just email me.

  1. This is funny. I have clients that accounts on my site but still email their content because they can’t remember their passwords.

  2. Peter Abrahamsen says:

    Remember, kinds: something you have, something you know.

  3. Tustin2121 says:

    Unless you use LastPass. It’s awesome. I keeps your passwords securely for you. :)

  4. Ed says:

    I think it’s more of quadratic curve. It’d be linear if there were no password aging, no reuse restrictions, and if there weren’t so many different complexity requirements out there, everything from “exactly four digits” to “must sufficiently resemble 30 seconds of transmission line noise”.

  5. Wesoteric says:

    It gets worse when you’re lazy when password changing time comes around and you just go with a different version of your current.

  6. Luke W says:

    nothing worse than having dumb you not able to remember the pass and then finding out your failsafe hint was set up by clever you in clever mode. double dumb fail.

    still, having more than one password still puts you in the top percentile online …


  7. Pepper says:

    When all else fails just type in all of your passwords in one at a time until you manage to get the right one.
    Also clever me always does the stupid clever hints that normal me never understands when the time of need comes along.