Somebody owes somebody else a Coke.

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3 Responses to Somebody owes somebody else a Coke.

  1. tudza says:

    Doesn’t a “He said. She said.” situation usually mean that what the parties say is different? Maybe it can mean they say the same thing but with different emphasis? A crypto-jinx!

    I am amused.

    • rooter says:

      Don’t mean to pick @tudza but don’t you mean “mused”?

      • Beany says:

        I am poor at syntax but here is my 100% inaccurate guess.

        Muse must be posessive (she is my muse)

        Mused is an adjective(?) (he was feeling mused, lets get mused)

        Amused is the singular present tense verb (I am a-mused)

        and bemused is future tense (be will be-mused)