Extinguishing yourself.

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21 Responses to Extinguishing yourself.

  1. Sarah Wynde says:

    Would you mind if I used this in a presentation? I’ll give you credit, of course. (The context would be how self-published authors should respond to reviews and the presentation is for GeekGirlCon.) Thanks!

  2. Arthur says:

    I just absolutely like-a-whole-lot this one!

  3. Clarisse says:

    Are these metaphorical fires or real ones? ;-)

  4. Chris says:

    One of your best ever (out of a lot of really, really awesome accomplishments)!

  5. fireflight says:

    Genius! Absolute genius!

  6. bonbon says:

    This is brilliant! Been going through a bit of fires lately, so this is a great reminder…merci!

  7. CJ says:

    Love it. Absolutely love it. This should be on public service announcements.

  8. Angelbane says:

    Can you Sell this as a poster?

  9. Jimbo says:


  10. Stripe says:

    I’m getting this tattooed on my forehead. In reverse, so I can read it whenever I encounter a mirror.

    Wait, maybe I should have it BRANDED on. That would be hot.

  11. Liana says:

    So much love for you.

  12. Dana says:


  13. John says:

    Best one yet! Fantastic advice for all of us!

  14. sedasa says:

    I need this on a t-shirt. This one is brilliant!

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