Life-changing events often happen in pajamas.

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5 Responses to Life-changing events often happen in pajamas.

  1. Taryn says:

    I wish I could plot the graph that would accurately explain how awesome your work is.

  2. Michael says:

    Awesome indeed! And awesome day after day. One little thing though…I’d have said cotton instead of polyester.

  3. Martha J says:

    My niece put your latest on FB and I just looked through to the 2010 award and only stopped to save some for tomorrow. You are going to show up in my GED math class, in my emails {already sent 3 to family and friends}, and in my spirituak reading group from my Unity church. Thank you for your concise displays of thoughtful, funny, and/or {I see a Venn Diagram here!} important topics.

    Martha Jean

  4. Dana says:

    Did you mean Romp and Circumstance?!

  5. tahrey says:

    Given how my mother fielded two calls last night, at 1am and 5am, about elderly relatives passing away, I’d say this is unfortunately accurate :-/