There’s one in every class.

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6 Responses to There’s one in every class.

  1. tushar says:

    now what’s going to happen when some people read this and realize it’s them?

  2. Stripe says:

    I knew a kid that ate glue, and another that would smear it evenly all over his hands, let it dry and peel it off, leaving a perfect hand-imprinted sheet of dried glue.

    I’m starting to think this could have culinary applications.

    Hand Roll, anyone?

    Friends that eat glue will always stick by you.

  3. Bogey says:

    Or a dumpster rat.

  4. Stripe says:

    Though this condition does touch all walks of life, I have yet to verify my theory that the social status of an awkward loner can be ascertained by identifying what kind of cheese they smell like.