Our true natures.

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9 Responses to Our true natures.

  1. Mike Timonin says:

    Or, possibly, You Tube comments on The Origin of Species

  2. Stripe says:

    I’m not so sure. I mean, ANIMALS actually DO seem to evolve.

  3. AdInfinitumSpero says:

    The Origin of Species isn’t proof, it’s observations. How about, as far as proof we’re animals go, the fact that we share the same cell type as animals as opposed to plants. Or a number of other things we know about human biology that would get us classified in the animal kingdom ;p

    Darwin was bright, and possibly ahead of his time on the evolution thing, but when you read his works you get a far different idea of him than his current image in popculture.

  4. tushar says:

    haha over the 2 posts we’re machines and animals.


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  6. John says:

    If you use Chrome there’s half a dozen apps that will block youtube comments and let you enjoy the videos without the input of jobless retards…

  7. Tis true. Youtube is like the bully table at the lunchroom in a middleschool for wayward youth. The comments are crude, grammatically atrocious, and usually entirely unhelpful.

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