Creature feature.

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9 Responses to Creature feature.

  1. Horace S. Patoot says:


  2. Marni says:

    It’s true, everything is cuter in miniature, especially animals.

  3. Stripe says:

    D = Ewww.
    In fact, anything involving intestinal parasites = Ewww.

    • Danny says:

      Add “moist” and you have “ewwww”

    • Kurtis says:

      Umm… you realize that A (intestinal parasites) is outside the “Cute” circle but D (awww) is inside? So whatever A represents is something little and warm but not cute, while whatever D represents is little, warm AND cute.

  4. Aaron says:

    C could also be “baby turtles”

  5. Heather says:

    I must admit, I’m at a loss on this one. What is D?

  6. Paul A. says:

    The clear implication is that D is “baby elephants with intestinal parasites who go to live on a farm”.

  7. Richard Church says:

    I read the last one as “Dawwww.” I like this card.