A public service announcement.

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33 Responses to A public service announcement.

  1. Leszek Cyfer says:

    Instead of “stop it now” it should read “dirty feet” :P

  2. Horace S. Patoot says:

    Black socks. …and Bermuda shorts.

  3. a sad dude says:


  4. Ernest Borgnine says:

    Then stop wearing nylons with you’re open-toed shoes. Same goddamn thing.

    No, seriously, I’m a podiatrist. It’s more sanitary, and many people find it more comfortable than sandals alone. Sure, you get your socks dirty, but do you have any idea how many funguses you pick up, just by wearing sandals on un-socked feet? It’s scary.

  5. eon says:

    Sorry, gotta disagree. As long as they are the right socks. Here in Maine, people often wear socks with sandals. I don’t think it looks stupid… as long as they’re not the wrong socks (black, with Bermuda shorts, for instance, or any socks over 1″ above the ankle).

  6. Guy says:

    Based on what I saw at an educational symposium yesterday, this is right on the mark and right on time…well, maybe a day late!

  7. Posey says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  8. Kurtis says:

    Footy Scent says “what what what?”

  9. Scott Ford says:

    My wife is very pleased that you made this. I may continue my unpopular practice, but she certainly feels validated now.

  10. Kevin L. Nault says:

    … unless you’re German. There it serves the valuable purpose of telling the locals from the tourists.

  11. Marni says:

    Thank you!!

    (Especially if those sandals are Birkenstocks.)

  12. Amy says:

    I recently sprained my foot and could only wear sandals and crocs while the sprain was healing. I live in San Francisco, so wearing sandals in the fog means having very, very COLD feet. My husband suggested wearing socks, or alternatively wearing my Crocs outside where other people could see me wearing them, and I just gave him a long, cold stare. I would rather suffer frostbitten toes than wear socks with sandals or be seen in public with Crocs.

  13. Stripe says:

    I don’t own sandals.

  14. Jason says:

    Stop it now – or – Lives in a cold climate.
    Haha, this is so true for where we live. Summers are short enough you have to find ways to extend it!

  15. I came from a certain country where this is almost the NORM. Even for women! Stockings with open toe shoes? No no no!

  16. Sarah says:

    A classic staple of the not-so-elusive Embarrassing Dad outfit: white socks almost up to the knee, beat up old sandals, t-shirt tucked into his shorts, possibly a fanny pack. “What are you kids laughing at?!”

  17. Bill says:

    I guess socks with sandals aren’t very appealing

  18. Angelbane says:

    Well there are those that do it for medical reasons …
    some skin issues make it hard to wear shoes because they dont breathe and sandles because they rub

  19. Ella says:

    Instead of “Stop it now,” it should say “Berkeley.”

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  22. Ethan says:

    If fashion were about comfort we’d all be wearing pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers. By the way, nothing says you’ve let yourself go like comfortable clothing. You in the sweatpants, nice job.

  23. Michael says:

    Of course I always wear socks with my sandals, black if I intend to be seen in a group with teenagers.

  24. Jerry Coldwell says:

    Instead of “stop it now” I suggest – take out my shot-gun…

  25. Andy says:

    So it’s more fashionable to walk around in your dried foot-sweat all day, huh?

  26. Brett Penning says:

    Am I the only one who thinks of this as kind of news media, like stocks and scandals?

  27. Rejistania says:

    Can you (as in the rest of humanity) please stop caring about these kind of ridiculous issues. If we as a race would have concentrated as much on important issues as we case what cloth we drape our body in, humanity would already have colonies in Mars!

  28. ruth says:

    i don’t know what’s worse – socks and sandals or white shoes after labor day? someone should take a poll

  29. henrykwdk says:

    Funny how strongly many good people feel about it, even to the point of it being an act of courage – or defiance – to appear in public wearing socks in sandals. It certainly is in front of my daughters.

    Maybe, just maybe, this blatant crime against any universal sense of aesthetics could be considered as just a matter of convention. Tempting, to live up to it by wearing sandals in socks :-).