You look fine. Let’s go.

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7 Responses to You look fine. Let’s go.

  1. Neri says:

    Does that make me a celeb? ;-)

  2. Neri says:

    Does that make me a celeb? i’m certainly not naked…

  3. Boo says:

    I feel there could be a minor celebrity category for popular middle schoolers and fashion design majors.

  4. Jonadab says:


    I’ve found that my sister pays more attention to what I’m wearing than I and the rest of the world put together. She’s obsessed and perhaps a bit delusional. “What are you wearing?” Clothes. From my closet. “You can’t wear that shirt with blue pants! It’s green!” Yeah, so? Green is a color. Blue is a color. They don’t clash like orange and magenta or anything. My body is adequately covered. What’s the problem? “There’s a little hole in the cuff. You can’t go out in public like that. Go change!” The hole is smaller than the extra buttonhole that was put there by design, and the only thing visible through it, even if you really stare at it, is part of my wrist. I’m pretty sure I *can* in fact go out like that, and furthermore nobody but you notice anything amiss. Shut up and go away. Stinking fashion police.

    So yeah. You look fine. Let’s go.

  5. Me says:

    Id say inverted for celebs and naked ppl.

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