Doing everything right is an unrealistic goal.

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7 Responses to Doing everything right is an unrealistic goal.

  1. AdInfinitumSpero says:

    Would that be the definition of useful mythology ? As long as it gives you something to strive for and not something to compare yourself against

    • hrabanus says:

      doesn’t it even take it one step beyond mere usefulness?

      after all, it does seem to define mythology as where humanity achieves perfection.

      luckily that’s no problem because mythology is also defined as humane, so it’s probably only art…

      this card might be very subversive. it’s also very funny

  2. tushar says:

    maybe reading too much into this?

    i got “humanity’s perfect. pff, yeah when i see a minotaur.”

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  4. Robert A. says:

    Hmmm…I think I would have made one circle labeled Humanity with the Mythology circle contained within it as Mythology is a subset of human activities and put the circle labeled Perfection within the circle labeled Mythology as a subset of Mythology.

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