They keep coming back.

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12 Responses to They keep coming back.

  1. Harry Potter says:

    When I smoke, weed intersects with ideas.

  2. shanksi says:

    I usually like this site, but that makes no sense – you’re saying that things that are weeds and are also ideas are tough to destroy. Is there really an intersection between weeds and ideas?

  3. Erika says:

    And when you introduce them into a new country, sometimes they become much more of a problem than you’d expect.

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  5. tushar says:

    roundup doesn’t make an idea killer?

  6. James says:

    The idea thing? Especially at 1AM when you’re tying to sleep…

  7. Someone was watching Inception on HBO last night.

  8. Incorrect says:

    The set of things that are tough to destroy once they take root is the union of weeds and ideas, not their intersection.

  9. TWiT Commander says:

    no inception jokes? come on!

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