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8 Responses to Multi-crashing.

  1. Adrian Jones says:

    I’m worrying now that Jessica is spying on me…

  2. Arthur says:

    I’ve been branded a bad corporate citizen for daring to point out that in actual practice of non-trivial jobs multitasking is multi-failing.

  3. Stripe says:

    Spot on. I find that Quality exists in a fixed quantity. The more things I try to do, the less available Quality there is for each.

    At a certain point, I suppose, one might be better off doing nothing at all than trying to do so many things that Quality becomes negative.

    I think I passed that point long ago, unfortunately.

  4. Ramiro says:

    So much for multi-tasking!

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  7. Leto says:

    Did you know that it is very cultural? French people just can’t do one thing at a time… they (ok…we) lose focus too fast !