Choose your moral majority.

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6 Responses to Choose your moral majority.

  1. Westicle says:

    “Putting the ‘Weiner’ in ‘Anthony Weiner’ since 1964”

  2. Christina says:

    There is a big difference between these two. One involves being beheaded for drawing a picture of a man, whether respectfully done or not. The other involves questioning the leadership capabilities of someone with the maturity of a 12 year old.

  3. JD says:

    Still, the uproar over the first picture was overplayed. OK, it’s inappropriate, but people blowing a gasket over it is really a distraction. Even with the new picture, which was highly inappropriate, indecent and maybe illegal, it doesn’t deserve half the air time or attention that it’s gotten, because it’s clobbering time for more serious issues. People are dying and the future of the world might be at stake, and people are fussing over a picture of a penis? The voters of New York’s 9th District should be starting a recall drive, appropriate police investigations should be done, everyone else should be working on more serious concerns.

  4. Cal Frye says:

    Come now. If 12 year old maturity were the standard, the response to “you ought to discuss your living will with your doctor, and Medicare should pay for his time.” would be anything other than “death panels, death panels, you said death panels!” wouldn’t it?

  5. Erika says:

    I find the “drawing Mohammed” thing kind of odd. Nobody even knows what he looked like, so how can you draw him? You could draw a picture and *say* it was of Mohammed, but it wouldn’t really be true, because the chances are it wouldn’t look much like him at all.

    Unless you drew Mohammed Ali. Then you’d have photos for reference.

  6. Stripe says:

    It’s called “Full Disclosure”. Get used to it, because soon it will be required, right there next to the campaign mug shot and finacial declarations. It’s a public service effort: We the people don’t wanna get screwed by no funky government junk.