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18 Responses to Basically.

  1. Kari says:

    Ehhhn, I recently had my heart shredded to little tiny pieces by someone I can’t stop loving. So I’m not entirely in agreement with this one. I’d be an outlier on the lower right-hand side.

    • Simon says:

      The fact that you can’t stop loving suggest that you still have hope and thus this chart stands unchallenged.

      PS: Sorry to hear of your hardship, chin up!

  2. Billybites says:

    Clever, I guess I agree with the chart

  3. Cary says:

    How oddly coincidently appropriate for my life right now <3

  4. Charlie says:

    And the third dimension is faith.

    • Sofa Spud says:

      Not related, actually. I’ve known several agnostics who were very loving and hopeful. Also, in my experience, the atheists with the most faith in their religion tend to be short on both hope and love.

      • DataJack says:

        Atheists have no faith, and no religion. Also, I know many atheists: parents, children, spouses, lovers. None lack hope or love.

        • Christian says:

          Sure they do, They hope that their religious faith in science will eventually explain in measurements what is immeasurable-TRUE LOVE. Faith is a manifestation of love and increase hope and love. They are related. That is not to say that their aren’t agnostics and atheists who aren’t more loving than religious people.

    • Glen says:

      But the greatest of these is love! :)

  5. Chris Ruddy says:

    Since hope is a tool of manipulation, “Control” would be a more appropriate label for the X axis.

    • Sofa Spud says:

      It must be sad to be the guy to whom cynics point when they say “See, I’m not that bad!”

    • Cat's Meow says:

      Just because hope can be used to manipulate doesn’t mean hope itself is a bad thing. It also shouldn’t be substituted for control.

  6. stef says:

    I personally would claim the opposite. As Terence, a Roman poet already said:
    The less my hope the hotter my love.
    Publius Terentius Afer (195/185–159 BC)

    Somehow, he is right, I think.

  7. Westicle says:

    No wonder I felt hopeless earlier this week :(

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  9. Amor says:

    Would you not just call that passion, not necessarily “love”?

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