Don’t talk down to us.

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8 Responses to Don’t talk down to us.

  1. tudza says:

    Sounds like a lesson for Sheen in Detroit.

  2. SoundslikePodam says:

    Recurency drawn with a 2D scale.

  3. Furzan A says:

    The graph is obvious. In this world the more respect you give to one another and the your audience is the respect you will receive in return. But this is not always the case. When talking to children the more respect you give does not neccessarily mean you will receive respect in return.

  4. Kevin L. Nault says:

    You forgot the dot in the upper-left corner for Fox News.

  5. MPS says:

    Doesn’t work for Tosh.0

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  7. Stephanie says:

    Love this!
    (I love a lot of your graphs, but this caught me when I needed to see it)

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