Oh, stop it!

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8 Responses to Oh, stop it!

  1. Happy Newbie says:

    haha! i decided to check out your site and now i’m first! yay!
    love it already! :)

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  3. Westicle says:

    You know your website is getting popular when people start trying to get first comment/post :P

  4. elly says:

    Oh, how I know this one. As a kid who was tickled way too often, I learned to ‘turn it off’. With my unique *super power* I can avoid being tickllish. It astounds and frustrates my husband to no end ;)

  5. GO-GO-GOMEZ says:

    Of course this graph is only for the one being tickled. Now the graph for the person doing the tickling is a different story. Great one though made me laugh.

  6. Ethan says:

    Where does wetting yourself fit on this graph?

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