Can you believe this weather?

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13 Responses to Can you believe this weather?

  1. CODishere says:

    there cant be drizzle without clouds

  2. Fry-kun says:

    First thought: “woohoo, found a good name for the next new webserver/framework/etc.!”

    Drizzle: Database for the cloud and Smalltalk

  3. Boo says:

    Welcome to all my midwestern interactions.

  4. HowardBollixter says:

    New snow on the ground, snow melting off the roof, blue skies, 40 degrees and yet snowing all morning. I think Lord Foul still has the d**n stone.

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  6. Mary says:

    And yet……’nobody does a thing about it’.

  7. johanges says:

    Clouds ∩ Drizzle ∩ Wind ⇒ Winter in the California Bay Area

  8. ashley says:

    this is funny and very true