Denial vs. Progress.

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24 Responses to Denial vs. Progress.

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  2. Tiv says:

    nice one.. but i think the second one should have been a spiral to a bigger “A”…

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  4. Justin says:

    But… according to this, even when you choose to learn, and thus “win”, you still never succeed. You’re still going to loop back to a place where you try and then fail once more…

  5. marc sobel says:

    I think ABCDE is more emotionally satisfying

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  8. johanges says:

    Some people manage to cut it down to B C

  9. tf says:

    I think there should be an A between D and E

  10. Souf_i says:

    a=interest, A=try,
    b=waiting, B=fail,
    c=discontent, C=complain
    d=conviction, D=learn
    e=assurance, E=win
    last one of any progress “Z” will be INSIGHT )))

  11. Mandaliet says:

    Ah, so that’s the key to success. I just have to be silent about my failures, and then I’ll win.

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  13. Monica Stoner says:

    LOVE THIS. Quit your whining and move on to success. We have WAY too many people around us who get stuck on “C” – Try, Fail, Bitch, repeat
    If we waste less time on complaining and spend more time on trying, we’re more likely to make progress.
    Thomas Edison said, after 1,000 failures to make his lightbulb, that he had learned 1,000 ways NOT to make the bulb.

  14. ashley says:

    This is so true! You shouldn’t just sit there and complain, you have to learn from your mistakes and grow from them.

  15. Adam Reid says:

    Something I’ve learned in academia – for the second diagram (A, B, D, E), you can have a shortcut from B to E labeled C and it’s still true, regrettably. Love your posts!!

  16. Laurence says:

    I like this because it reminds me of the two tires of a bicycle and that learning to ride a bike means that you have to fall off and crash quite a bit before you really learn what it means to ride with no hands.

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  18. Roger Sowell says:

    We have a similar paradigm in math / engineering:

    1. Try (assume initial values and calculate via equations to a result)
    2. Assess the result to determine if success or failure.
    3. If the result is sufficiently close to the prior result, stop and declare a Win.
    4. If the result is not sufficiently close to the prior result, declare a Failure but use a different value as the initial value and start over at step 1. Calculating the different value can be by any of several methods.
    5. Have a counter to count the number of times we reach step 1. If the counter reaches a rather large pre-set value, stop and sound the alert that something is seriously wrong here; no answer was found.

  19. SamanthaCR says:


    Life is full of attempts and failures, but do you complain about it, or do you learn from it?

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