Kids sing the darndest things.

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14 Responses to Kids sing the darndest things.

  1. Fractured skulls make for catchy chants.

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  3. Legalize Everything says:

    Forgive my nit-pickyness, but as the number of head injuries increase, doesn’t the number of monkeys jumping on the bed decrease?

    • Pete says:

      It’s absolute correlation. For every monkey jumping on the bed there is a traumatic head injury. At least, according to the song.

  4. Ethan says:

    Ha. Too funny, Jessica. Children love a good dark tale put to song.
    Humpty Dumpty, London Bridges, the list goes on.
    We love to take kids to the dark side, don’t we?

  5. johanges says:

    I read that as “Kissing the darnest things” but went back and re-read it more carefully after the graph made no sense what-so-ever, but I’m still confused.

    Micky, Davy, Peter, and Michael did many crazy things, but jumping on beds doesn’t ring any bells. What episode was this?

    • Kilby says:

      It’s a reference to a children’s song, possibly better known in the UK than in the USA (I first discovered it in a songbook my son received as a gift):

      Three little monkeys were jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped her head. Her mummy called the doctor and the doctor said, “No more jumping on the bed!”

      Two more verses follow (with two and then with one monkey, respectively). The doctor’s very last line is “That’s what you get for jumping on the bed!”

      For what it’s worth, I think the line should have been absolutely straight, instead of suggesting the slight upward curve.

      • Sofa Spud says:

        johanges was trying to make a classic rock/television joke, despite the fact that the band/series in question was spelled “Monkees,” not “monkeys.”

  6. Tucker says:

    Seems to me that the line should have a negative slope. Each time there’s a head injury, the number of monkeys on the bed decreases.

    • Kilby says:

      The horizontal coordinate isn’t time, it’s the (original) number of monkeys on the bed. No matter how many monkeys you start with, at the end of the song they’ve all fallen off.

  7. Pat says:

    If you started with 3 monkeys on the bed, then according to the song, there would be 3 injuries. If you started with 4 monkey, there would be 4 injuries, etc.

    • Sofa Spud says:

      Every version I’m familiar with starts with five little monkeys; it’s meant to be counted down on one hand (sometimes with finger puppets).

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