Esprit de corps.

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16 Responses to Esprit de corps.

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  2. Jason says:

    If only my boss, and his boss, understood this.

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  4. Stripe says:

    Right. But around these parts, we call those “Performance Incentives”.

    Actually, though, in a variation on Bismark’s theme, morale actually Does go up when the group at large gets to choose an individual to be flogged on its behalf. Nowadays we call it “being voted off the island”. Its cleaner. Less blood and screaming.

  5. johanges says:

    Hey! I got that T-shirt!

    On a related topic… once I went to a [heh] “speciality” store and bought a very nice leather whip and gave it to my manager during a team metting. I never actually saw it used.

  6. Add “creativity” or “totally fun environment!” to morale and you have the agency version.

  7. Westicle says:

    Espirit de Corps is a fun band song to play.

  8. Bridget says:

    You must be having re-occurring nightmares about a former job :o)

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  10. Jimmy says:

    … the beatings culminate in “Esprit de Corpse”…

  11. Furzan says:

    Beatings can be high even if morals are high. You could be a social activist, a moral politician(unlikely), a humanitarian, and you can still be beaten. Martin Luther King Jr. was beaten, but his moral was high, same with Malcolm X and Ghandi. But this case only happens when your morals are against the norm.

  12. Ping says:

    Makes me think of that saying, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

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