Directly deposited.

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10 Responses to Directly deposited.

  1. Ben Gates says:

    Causation or correlation?

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  3. Westicle says:

    I’d say correlation

  4. Zotamorf says:

    Causation – in both directions.

  5. Ged Jones says:

    Love them, but ….

    for this, shouldn’t it be reversed? As the Money in the Mattress increases, then the bank fees decrease? as it is, it seems to be saying that the fees increase as the mattress rises towards the ceiling…..

    • A. K. says:

      @ GED:

      Nope. It’s right.

      Most of the time, the folks who deal predominately in mattress money, do not have and, often, have never had a bank account. Any sorts of necessary bank services would than be provided by a bank (or more likely a “payday loan-type operation) for exhorbitant fees. And a thumbprint.

      Customer sevice at a teller window is often unpleasant for account holders. They make it especially painful for “criminals” who “can’t” get an upgrade to be treated like warm poo.

  6. Jimbo says:

    I think the more fees go up, the more likely people are to say, “The hell with it!” and just stick money in the mattress.

  7. Scott Asai says:

    The sad thing is the mattress might be the better place to put your money these days with the low interest rates.

  8. EEKaWILL says:

    i bury my money

  9. Cali says:

    I so love this chart….
    I wanted to draw some money yesterday and the ATM told me, that the bank would charge me 4,25€ for this withdrawl. Crazy, hu?