Limitless or limited resources.

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14 Responses to Limitless or limited resources.

  1. Westicle says:

    Sounds like you just explained your entire blog here, Ms. Hagy.

  2. JNME says:

    I expected a U-shape. Never saw a lack of ability stop someone from sharing their opinions anyway.

  3. DJ Edgerton says:

    Love it. That is all I have to share at this moment.

  4. fireflight says:

    I disagree! I have lots of ideas and I am unwilling to share them!

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  6. fishboy says:

    I disagree too! I have no idea and yet share it all the time!

  7. johanges says:

    Unfortunatley this graph fits your average conspiracy nut too, and the precense of an Internet isn’t helping at all…

    On the other hand…

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  11. jmtruitt says:

    So, so true. Great stuff. It’s like a continuous feedback loop!

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  13. Illysa says:

    fear holds us back . . . Thanks for the kick in the pants, Ms. Hagy

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