For all the precious wittle snowflakes.

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16 Responses to For all the precious wittle snowflakes.

  1. dima says:

    the second is how jealousy poeple see that child.. (i’m not boring)

    • Metalnoir66 says:

      Oh, believe me, if we were all jealous of your little germ-bags, we’d have kids of our own. After all, it doesn’t require a license, wealth, any special ability, talent, or any level of intelligence to conceive and gestate offspring.

  2. Aviatrix says:

    Why would anyone be jealous of your stinky, creepy rudelings? Children like that are a kind of birth control for all who have the misfortune to encounter them.

    • Al* says:

      Amen! I’ve started thanking bad parents for the effective birth control that their child’s behavior provides me me with.

  3. Ade says:

    I see my son as healthy, rude and stinky. Much as I love him. Does this mean everyone else thinks he is creepy, smart and cute? How does that work?

    • watching the sky says:

      Nah, it’s just that parents who think their kids are perfect are generally delusional, hence the kids are likely to be bratty.
      Parents who can acknowledge a kid’s faults are likely to be working on fixing them…

  4. Thorbjørn says:

    Gross – one of the words should’ve been gross
    (my kid is gross, btw)

  5. Gus says:

    Case-in-point: I have a dog that I adopted from the pound. She doesn’t like strangers and will go WAY out of her way to avoid them. She is especially funny (not in a good way) around unknown kids. Yet, parents are always sending their kids to go pet my dog when I walk her.

    The parents view their kids as lovable and harmless – like, “why in the world would anyone not want my kid all up their business.” My wife and I view the kids as a constant source of annoyance.

  6. David says:

    Yeah, parents should keep a tighter rein on their kids. Many’s the time I’ve seen kids running amok, and the parents either doing nothing or saying, “Stop that,” then doing nothing when the kids disobey.

    • sporkbox says:

      I urge you to take a look into CPS guidelines and understand that almost anything can be construed as “child abuse” today. Smacking a kid when they need it is now taboo. So what can a parent do with a child that won’t listen if they have government agencies breathing down their neck to not use just a modicum of corporal punishment? A spanking or thwap to the head != abuse.

      It’s clear to me that you’re not a parent, or you wouldn’t have made such an assumption.

  7. hamstap85 says:

    props for putting the diagrams revers orientation from each other :)

    • Pjotr says:

      I was thinking that too.. and if you overlap them, maybe the arrow pointin to the intersection of all six should say “How the kid really is”?

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  9. justmike says:

    except for my kids, of course. they’re perfect.

    (looks around nervously)

  10. Marnie says:

    Being a teacher, I have no comment ;)

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