Stretching is good stuff.

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45 Responses to Stretching is good stuff.

  1. Chris says:

    I turned 40 today

    This card sums up my life, or rather lack there of…:(

  2. a says:

    So do something scary every day.

  3. Irene Becker says:

    Fantastic posting. The magic almost always happens outside our comfort zone. It is not only in stretching, but in taking small, but powerful steps that we re-write our brains, and we learn to see with new eyes and to actualize our best thoughts and most important actions.

  4. Zentropy says:

    Ah, so very, very true of my life at the moment.


  5. MP says:

    Awesome post! so true! :)

  6. johanges says:

    Lucky for me, the circle labeled “Where the Science Happens” surrounds my comfort zone.

  7. Abgeneth says:

    Wow, that is so true! But still, there are those people that seem to be part of the Magic Zone who we can’t get out of our heads and don’t want to get out of our lives …

  8. Tammy Gilden says:

    How true it is! and Thank you Irene for letting me know about it.
    To add to the serendipity I was just thinking about a related subject I may be able to use for marketing and came back to my computer to see your post!

  9. Richard Roe says:

    fabulous! this really is true. at least for me :-/

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  12. MJ says:

    Happy Birthday anyway Chris.

  13. fireflight says:


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  15. Chris says:

    Thanks MJ

    And Thank you Ms Hagy for these thought provoking images

  16. dora says:

    Just what I needed!

  17. Scott Asai says:

    Growth can be painful, but staying in your comfort zone means you can walk into a high school reunion and look like just time passed and nothing else.

  18. MatteS says:

    As a developer, this is why I love pair-programming!

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  20. That’s my kind of thinking! Thanks for putting complex reality into easy interpretation…& I used paragraphs to explain this concept!

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  23. jmtruitt says:

    Arrrgghhhh…no more excuses, then, eh? :)

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