Our dystopian present.

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9 Responses to Our dystopian present.

  1. Westicle says:

    McRibs are PEOPLE!

  2. Arthur says:

    -OR- soy protein isolate.

  3. Ha! Delicious juxtaposition! He he he

  4. Stripe says:

    Will they ever make a McSteak? No one likes to make McSteaks.

  5. johanges says:

    I’m holding out for McPeople A.K.A. McSoylent

  6. johanges says:

    PS. It comes as a Happy Meal too!

  7. Sepiroth says:

    LOL. At first I thought of Sepiroth from Final Fantasy 7

  8. tushar says:

    soylent green

  9. Cathie says:

    LOL @ Stripe

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