Looks so pretty at night.

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9 Responses to Looks so pretty at night.

  1. Shannon says:

    I’m sure you are going to get a ton of these comments but bioluminescence doesn’t generate heat. That would be a waste of energy. That’s why scientists are looking at luciferase in lightning bugs to create light bulbs that are more efficient. Sorry. Thougt you might appreciate from one nerd to another.

  2. nutellaontoast says:

    Actually, bioluminescence is known for its remarkable efficiency, ie it doesn’t give off a lot of heat *ducks*

    • Leslie says:

      The heat doesn’t come from the bioluminescence, but from the decay and rot that accompany that. Merry Christmas!

      • Stripe says:

        The bioluminescence I’ve encountered is in Puget Sound (WA), rowing at night. The plankton or something in the water, normally invisibly small, lights up when the water is disturbed, creating luminescent swirls. Definately not warm, though quite pretty.

        • Leslie says:

          I referred to foxfire, the bioluminescence that one encounters in forests in rotting wood, http://warnell.forestry.uga.edu/service/library/index.php3?docID=173 . I just found it plausible that the other decay processes that also occur in rotting wood generate (a little bit of) warmth. ( And this proved too much of a temptation to resist posting). A quote from this reference: “Bioluminescence is found in many types of living things including bacteria, fungi, algae, invertebrate animals, fish, and insects. More than 30 separate light generation systems using different processes and chemical paths exist across the globe. Many living things generate light, but few are noticed and most are considered rare in our everyday lives. The most common bioluminescence people see are associated with fire-flies and the sparkles in crashing waves at the beach. ” Foxfire comes from fungi.

    • Kevin says:

      I was going to comment with this also, but I see you’ve taken care of things.

  3. Pat Ditlevson says:

    Nothing about this particular post. Just dropping a note to say you amaze me with your ability to convey so much in such simple diagrams. Thanks!

  4. johanges says:

    The candles set the house on fire.

    • NoriMori says:

      Lol, that reminds me of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, when the tree is so dried out that the grandpa’s cigarette makes it go FWOOOOOOOSH.