And some really horrible lines.

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12 Responses to And some really horrible lines.

  1. António Mendes says:

    Hehe, meanie.

  2. subWOW says:

    Good one. Nevertheless, I kind of am hoping that the CSI folks come with better education… They ARE scientists right?!

  3. fireflight says:

    Wow. Hey. Is that supposed to be there? We’re going to need to look into this further.

  4. Jim Cliborn says:

    Interestingly enough one could define “government workers” as university researchers being paid by government grants and “grass roots moments” those same workers relative obscurity. Then the intersection could become “scientific breakthrough.”

  5. tahrey says:

    Yeah Paul … I actually did before you said… I still don’t get it I’m afraid. How does transport security authority (or the, like, twenty other completely different things that TLA can stand for) relate to CSI and that other stuff?

    This may be one of those things that makes perfect sense to US readers but not the rest of it. Not fussing about it – just want to demystify myself :-)

  6. tahrey says:

    *not the rest of =us=, i mean. Tch. Haven’t had MY coffee yet, can’t even get the groanworthy puns right.

  7. GlenH says:

    As I understand it they have full body scans in the US now. If you refuse to undergo the scan you are subjected to a full (genitals not excluded) pat-down

  8. johanges says:

    Both TSA and CSI also reside well inside the set of “Bogus Science Used To Support a Theatrical Performance”.

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