The Great Tour of Gas Stations.

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9 Responses to The Great Tour of Gas Stations.

  1. Barry says:

    This is a good one. However, when on a road trip, hotel lobbies usually have the cleanest restrooms.

  2. David C says:

    Hmmmmm… This could be developed into a 3-D chart, with the Z-axis being “Size of Spouse’s Bladder”.

  3. Tom Jamieson says:

    This is awesome! My wife can totally relate!

  4. Joakim says:

    Now isn’t the X axis inverted… I mean.. shouldn’t it be: The bigger the bladder, the less fun you have. Now, the bigger the bladder = the more fun… Don’t get that :S

  5. MB says:

    I theorize that, with either a 44 ounce “Super Soda” from the truck stop or just a kidney stone, this graph quickly goes logarithmic.

  6. Susan says:

    Oh, so true, made me laugh :)

  7. Murray says:

    Hey- half the fun was had WHEN stopped. Driving is boring- don’t you remember stopping at Stuckey’s???

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