It’s a defense mechanism.

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13 Responses to It’s a defense mechanism.

  1. marcus says:

    That bottom line could just as easily be tech support.

  2. tushar says:

    marcus, you beat me to the punch. though based on what all of my friends tell me i’m not on my own, and the x-axis could just say “time spent working period.”

  3. Yvonne says:

    Also Human Resources

  4. fireflight says:

    I’m not racist. I hate everybody equally.

  5. Time spent in management! The business equivalent of parenthood, and just as stressful!

  6. Stripe says:

    As Sweeney Todd would surely have said, had he been in Customer Service instead of Coiffery:

    “There’s a hole in the World like a great black pit,
    and the vermin of the World inhabit it,
    and its filled with people who are filled with shit,
    and it goes by the name of Line One.”

  7. Lynette says:

    All my friends say this card is totally all about me :( =)

  8. tahrey says:

    to everyone: human resources = tech support = customer services (sorta = retail, also).

    and todays card is so, so, sadly true

  9. Lee says:

    I never felt so constantly angry as I did when I worked retail. I found myself using racist, sexist, class-insulting words in my thoughts. I got out before I said anything aloud, thankfully.

  10. Andy says:

    @tahrey – yep – just what I was going to say.

    Our tech support dept is part of the Customer Services directorship (dictatorship?)

    I love this one – I may be just about to buy a t-shirt :-)

  11. Thomas says:

    The X axis could just as easilly be labled “time spent working with the court system, or government etc etc etc”

  12. Kay says:

    …Or just any job that consists of exploiting a not-so-valuable skill for not-so-considerate folks for not-so-significant money.
    But my personal experience in retail and customer service seconds this graph 100%.