Well, it must be really good.

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8 Responses to Well, it must be really good.

  1. Snorfis says:

    Ah! The classic boner curve! ;)

  2. Stripe says:

    That must be why my mom’s cancer medicine cost so much.

    But it’s true; I would have been happy to pay double, if it had worked.

  3. jinal says:

    I started following your blog recently and its awesome..I was wondering how you are creating this..are you using illustrator or just scanning it ?

  4. subwow says:

    This is how pricing is done for all the high-end brand-name things within the realm of fashion, including eye glasses frames.

  5. Ryan says:

    While I’m a pretty big Apple fan, I still feel the urge to make some smarmy comment about apple computer…

  6. Per says:

    EEG have shown an increased activity in the pleasure centers of the brain when drinking a wine that had a large number on the price tag compared to the same wine with a lower price. So yes, it’s so true.

  7. attentionkid says:

    This is exactly what V&S used to launch Absolut Vodka, actually. (In combination with high end advertising)

  8. BobTPawn says:

    Ah, but this curve is useful. Observe:

    1) Purchase random article of clothing at generic discount department store (or goodwill)
    2) Buy iron-on patch bearing logo of brand-name item
    3) Apply patch using iron

    Now others will perceive the value of your clothing to be much higher than it actually is!
    [Except for the people who recognize random article of clothing, but they won’t speak up for fear of being discovered as generic discount department store (or goodwill) shoppers]