The crux of deathbed regrets.

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11 Responses to The crux of deathbed regrets.

  1. Mario says:

    Very nice post. Easy but complicated… and true. Keep up the excelent work.

  2. Jared says:

    Sorry I don’t get this one. Could someone explain it to me? Why does success + love entail lots of work but not generate money?

  3. Jonathan says:

    Jared: The chart is an interesting representation of the idea that you will live a more happy life if you work hard at loving people than at making money.

  4. Liana says:

    I just love this one, so true. Yes, keep up the good work!

  5. David Lindner says:

    so love and money do not overlap only success overlaps with them…..

  6. Karoline says:

    Those who love easy money probably get a .C at bottom left

  7. Benjamin says:

    I really like this. Very true. @Karoline has a good point.

  8. Sad says:

    Makes me sad.

  9. Minx says:

    Define success.

  10. El Santo says:

    I like this one. It’s the sort of thing you find out the older you get.

  11. ............. says:

    Pretty sure you got your A and B mixed up there