Service economy.

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14 Responses to Service economy.

  1. Jack says:


  2. Did you intentionally misspell “bureaucracy”?

  3. Urban says:

    beauracracy – A way of doing things in the least efficient manner.


  4. Ryan says:

    shouldn’t this be reversed?

  5. Nick says:

    @ Ryan I think the key is “Service Economy”. If it is a service economy, bureaucracy is the byproduct (cause?) of increased jobs.
    More service jobs = more bureaucracy

  6. Jon says:

    This one needs a follow up graph with a downward sloping line. X axis=Bureaucracy, Y axis=Actual work being done

  7. sinner says:

    1. Beaurocracy – the structure, rules and norms to which individuals who think that they are good-looking believe that they must adhere.

    I think the artist would have checked the spelling, so pretty sure it was deliberate.

  8. Steve says:

    There’s no spell check in pen & ink.

  9. johanges says:

    @Steve: Yes there is. Just publish it on the blog. Only problem is that the resulting answer is completely useless. Even an honest to goodness typo would yield a long thread about how witty the [accidental] new meaning is.

    By compressing so much meaning into a simple drawing, we approach the Shannon limit where there is no redundancy left and every perturbation results in a new meaningful message.

    This is why even Marmaduke has to be explained.

  10. NoriMori says:

    @Nick If beaurocracy [sic] is the dependent variable it should be on the Y-axis, and jobs should be on the X-axis, being the independent variable. Whoever made this sucks at both spelling and graphing.

    People need to get it straight that the dependent variable goes on the Y-axis and the independent variable goes on the X-axis. Jon has it right. XD

  11. jimmy says:

    @sinner is correct; my wife keeps several service-related workers gainfully employed.
    @URBAN got suckered by the Urban Dictionary (it auto-replaced your request to define Beaurocracy because it thought you misspelled Bureaucracy…). The rest of you folks look like idiots arguing about axes; you should start researching FIRST before you ASS-U-ME Ms. Hagy has erred.

  12. sinner says:

    @NoriMori, check your assumptions, see comments above validating the use of beaurocracy. Also, while I agree there could be better use if the Y-axis as the dependent variable in other pieces, the author was correct on this one, if she indeed meant beaurocracy.