Ha ha.

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16 Responses to Ha ha.

  1. Line Noise says:

    I laughed so much it hurt!

  2. Teagan says:

    I’m writing a thesis on humour – that graph is my life :)

  3. Phil says:

    -or- paternity test results

  4. lolamouse says:

    Low truth, high pain equals Fox News.

  5. Leonard says:

    The truth hurts, it’s also funny. Especially when you’re not the one being hurt!

  6. Grissom says:

    When you’re in pain, take the truth with humor.

  7. fireflight says:

    Ouch. That’s funny.

  8. Charles says:

    So true !

    What is no pain with no truth ?

  9. Mike says:

    Charles, ignorance is bliss.

  10. a says:

    No, really.
    I mean it this time.

  11. Ben says:

    This must be nailed to the doors of all the comedians who degrade humor into mocking the rival city and fictional adventures involving piss and booze.

    I love it.

  12. PotatoFangs says:

    Arrived here for a google mistake but, WOW. Everything here is so fun! LOL

  13. Daniel says:

    The Google does not make mistakes, it makes diving decrees.

  14. Dana says:

    Charles: No pain and No truth is Anesthesia and Denial.

  15. Mark Barrett says:


    And easily extended.

    Black Humor is closer to the origin.

    Jet-Black Humor even closer.