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7 Responses to Rumspringa!

  1. Rosscott says:

    Where on this chart does the cat cease to be? Since curiosity is supposedly their demise.

  2. Heiner says:

    Did not imagine to see a “(Swiss-)German” word in this blog and therefore did not get anything out of this – consulting the web I got the message, that ‘Rumspringa’ has german roots and immediately it got clear.
    Thanks for the inspiring drawings and regards from Switzerland

  3. Stripe says:

    I think in Suburbia, something like “Rumspringa” begins very early in life, around the time we discover our parents have been lying to us about Santa Claus, and then persists, to a greater or lesser degree, until Death.

    Nurtured or not, here they come!

  4. Nick says:

    Rumspringa is the period for the Amish when they are allowed to integrate with the world at large as teenagers, and decide if they want to return to the Amish community or remain in the outside world.

  5. Mike says:

    Lancaster County Amish Country represent! :-D

  6. Jason says:

    Story of my LIFE.

  7. marya says:

    Haha. For once, the fact that I live in Lancaster county actually has an upside. Kudos on the use of “rumspringa” in a blog post.