The Goldilocks planet.

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16 Responses to The Goldilocks planet.

  1. Sigma says:

    Saturn’s too good for you.

  2. TBerculosis says:

    Where does Uranus fit in?

  3. Tiv says:


  4. letsgraph says:

    what about SUN and MOON ?

  5. le_sacre says:

    Seems a bit off… Are there parts of Venus or Mercury that aren’t too hot?

    Jupiter, being a multi-layered gas giant, of course has parts that are too cold as well as parts that are too hot (with everywhere being rather too humid).

    As for Mars, I guess you could make a case that parts of it are cold but not too cold, while other parts are just too cold, so that maybe fits.

    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the diagram.

  6. John Muir says:

    Mars: too cold, far too cold.
    Venus: too hot, far far far too hot.
    Mercury: not as bad as Venus, believe it or not. But no atmosphere.
    Jupiter: no solid surface at all.

    Yeah, the solar system isn’t the best place for a diagram with any overlaps in the Goldilocks zone. There is but one.

  7. TBerculosis says:

    There is be some mythology involved here as well. This is a “layered” card.

  8. Aenulindale says:

    Oh, come on these diagrams are supposed to be FUN, not a perfect demonstration of set theory and Venn diagrams… If you get the point, then point made lol you should probably make one about tautology :D

  9. SeekGeek says:

    Lets hope the diagram stays this way…

  10. skocko says:

    Brilliant! (I obviously agree with Aenulindale.)

  11. Inky Squid says:

    The point is the reference to Goldilocks – the porridge that was too hot, or too cold, and then finally just right.

  12. justmike says:


  13. Tyyne says:

    Please make this one into a T-shirt! Love it.

  14. Del Regno says:

    Plus the added Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.
    This is my 2nd favorite behind the guns vs butter.

  15. aldousd666 says:

    “Plus the added Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.”

    I’m quite sure that was the point. I’m not quite sure that most of everyone else followed.

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