Privilege clouds judgement.

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17 Responses to Privilege clouds judgement.

  1. Ron says:

    Unless you’re British or hate the English language, it’s “judgment.”

  2. Kel says:

    That is so unfair.

  3. Really? says:

    Interestingly enough, life MUST be considered perfectly fair unless you believe in a deity of some form.

    Here’s the reason:
    If we assume that everything has been doled out by chance, then we must also state that all persons had equal probability of arriving at said life circumstances. If we have equal probability, then there must be equality in fairness.

    In short — we have all rolled the same die, it is perfectly fair that some of us rolled a natural twenty while others of us have rolled a one.

  4. Stripe says:

    We are all created equal… some a little more so than others.

  5. fireflight says:

    Well guess what, life isn’t fair you ugly bastard. And stop being so judgemental.

  6. fireflight Says: Well guess what, life isn’t fair you ugly bastard. And stop being so judgemental.

    hahaha- classic!

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  8. deez says:

    It’s always interesting, observing those who happily state that life isn’t fair. Sometimes, they wield the phrase like a cudgel, ultimately unconcerned about whether or not it’s true, but rather more interested in getting others to stop complaining, because it hurts their ears. Others will try to convince you that life is unfair, but also that they deserve everything that they’ve managed to acquire.

    Often, though, they tend to be people who are doing just fine, and would really like to not be made to feel guilty about it, thank you very much. It’s not people or systems that are unbalanced you see, because that might require somebody to do something, but it’s just, you know, the *universe* that’s unfair, which nobody can do anything about.

  9. FM4k says:

    @Kel: Life isn’t change; The universe is a giant set of dominoes, and therein all things are predetermined by the events that occurred before they did, etc.

  10. Robotguy says:

    “Life is pain…and anyone who says differently is selling something.”

  11. heath says:

    The know the thing about chaos?

    It’s fair.

  12. erin says:


  13. Robert says:

    Another excellent one Jessica. One thing I find interesting about the human animal is the penchant we seem to have for qualifying the “acceptability” of life, the universe and such by applying parameters such as “fair”, “just”, “good”, “bad” as if our collective opinions determine anything other than our determination to reconfigure existence based on preference.

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  15. James says:

    Hey Ron, DYK that most non-American versions of English tend to follow British English more often than American English? (For some reason, English-speaking countries seem to think England is an authority on the subject…) “Judgement” is considered acceptable in a whole lot more places than just Britain.

  16. kate says:

    Really? Being born into a family that has very little money and no connections is not the baby’s fault and cannot be seen as ‘equal probability’ of achieving privilege.