Nothing lasts forever.

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7 Responses to Nothing lasts forever.

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  3. Karoline says:

    oh my – so sad and so true…

  4. CAustin says:

    I would submit a fourth circle, perhaps titled “giant, militaristic, expansionist hostile neighbor” into that mix.

    For their size and position, the ancient Greeks were remarkably militarily capable – I would be quicker to blame their fall on the fact that virtually nothing could stop the Romans at that time than any sort of economic complacency.

  5. Giorgos says:

    Yes, modern Greece is economically, politically, even ethically, in ruins right now -and it breaks my heart.

    But we have been through worse and survived. We may not last forever, but this is not the end of us yet. It is just the (beginning of the) end of Greece as we know it…

  6. I think Austin is thinking down the same track as I.
    I was wondering if there was room for a forth circle in this one… Goldman Sachs.

  7. Denise says:

    I sent a copy of this (link) to a financial analyst, and he loved it and ended up posting it to his website here (giving you full credit, of course):
    Hope it generates a few more hits on your website – I have your book and love your stuff – you have a gift for pithy social commentary and I wish you all success