Beware the false friend!

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10 Responses to Beware the false friend!

  1. BeAware says:

    Beware the Empty Promises

  2. Kieran says:


  3. Fluidly Unsure says:

    Would line A always be swapped with line B if the Y axis read “number of bed sores”?

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  5. Leslie says:

    Congratulations with your Webby! Can I be your friend now?

  6. David says:

    Now you’ve got me interested in A: straight line? What does it say about our friend if the curve is concave upward/downward? What does it say about ourselves? What is the meaning of the second derivative of friendship?

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  9. Jake says:

    You forgot about the rapid sine curve: Person X is Bipolar.

  10. henrykwdk says:

    If the axes were reversed, would B make *you* a nemesis?