A rerun as requested: Rejoice this day!

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29 Responses to A rerun as requested: Rejoice this day!

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  2. Scott Ford says:

    I’m a big fan of Indexed: witty and insightful. I am also a follower of Jesus who is not overly religious or a prude. So there are my biases. And in my opinion (we all have them), this entry is just tacky, disrespectful, and plainly inaccurate, namely there are omnivorous, beer-drinking, noisy Christians and churches.

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    Oh relax Scott… This isn’t saying Christians can’t drink beer, make noise, or eat meat… it is saying that on Good Friday, they go to church and don’t eat meat… maybe it is specific to one denomination?

    Either way, it is funny to me… cheers!

  4. Bridget says:

    I love it! You know the old saying, “The Pope’s cousin was a fisherman.” I’m having a nice rib-eye for dinner.

  5. Corinne says:

    @Scott: I would say that I’m of a similar nature, an Indexed fan and a Christian. I would also say that any church on Good Friday would not be beer-drinking or noisy. That would be disrespectful! This comic makes no judge about other days of the year, but I think it is an accurate depiction of Good Friday.

  6. trixy says:

    and all Gods children say “AMEN!” good one today!

  7. Ryan says:


  8. Kel says:

    @Scott, if the label on the second intersection was “better Friday” I would agree with you. As it is, there is not a value judgement about which one is better. It is just saying there are two different experiences. Now, had the second graph included card games and hookers…..

  9. nomi says:

    meat is alwayssss good :)

  10. Amajal says:

    @Scott, give me a break. Anything that pokes fun at religion is “tacky” or otherwise out of bounds? Get over yourself.

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  12. Alex says:

    As a non-drinking vegetarian, I approve of this comic. Just because I don’t do either doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself!

    “Jesus[,] who is not overly religious or a prude…” If you think Jesus wasn’t overly religious, I’m pretty sure you’re not talking about THE Jesus.

    Lighten up matey. You know who gets made fun of more than Christians? Nondrinking vegetarians.

  13. Buffal0Gal says:

    @Alex, go re-read the Gospels. THE Jesus wasn’t overly religious either — in fact the reason he got busted is he advocated for getting rid of complex, ossified organized religion.

  14. Mike says:

    @Scott – here’s another thing for you to do. Go into a biker bar, put a piece of wood on your shoulder, dare someone to knock it off.

  15. kontributor says:

    @Amajal – Of course if you poke fun at the circular reasoning, false assumptions, and blatant hypocrisy wrapped up in the religion of humanism (this includes atheists and agnostics who blindly buy into the evolutionary tales taught in government run schools) one is labeled stupid and unthinking by a host of people who should ‘get over themselves’.

    Enter post-modernism! Enough modernity (thinking), its all about feeling! (No matter how stupid.)

  16. Amajal says:

    @kontributor, ha! You had me going there for a second. But April Fools day was yesterday.

  17. Stripe says:

    I’ve never followed any of these old fables very closely…

    So what’s the deal with Good Friday? Was that the day that Jesus hid all the eggs?

  18. denise says:

    The day Christ died is a Good Day because of the Passover.

    The Awesome Friday isn’t necessarily today. But, a Friday like that would be awesome.

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  20. lydia says:

    i think that jesus was smiling on this one until he read the comments. my dear Christian brothers and sisters, you gotta learn to observe properly and to laugh at yourself sometimes. stop defending your oh so holy and religious culture if there is nothing to defend. honestly, this post is not at all a negative comment on Good Friday or Jesus.

  21. JM says:

    “not overly religious or a prude”

    Anyone else see the irony in claiming not to be a prude then complaining about this post? I think it’s hilarious.

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  23. fireflight says:

    We need a line graph with “Religious References” on the x-axis and “Number of Comments” on the y

  24. Scott Ford says:

    I love it! Most of the comments above are quite good. Yes, I got over myself a long time ago. And sincerely I take no offense at any of the comments above. Generally, what we say discloses more about ourselves than others.

    Please pardon my error. That English degree isn’t paying off too well. I intended for “not overly religious or prude” to more clearly modify or describe myself, not Jesus, though I suppose both might be true (except a lot here think I’m a prude; noted).

    Corinne – accurate probably, but still a little tacky (to me).

    Amajal – no, not “anything.” Well-intentioned Christians deserve what they get a lot of the time. So you agree that this pokes fun at religion? If so, that’s my point. In my opinion, Good Friday should be beyond the pale. There is a lot of irony and paradox in Christianity that can (and at times should be) questioned or mocked. But Good Friday, which brings to mind human torture, is not terribly funny to me.

    Lydia – ibid.

    JM – irony noted. Above comment to Amajal hopefully helpful though. I think the mismatch of humor and human torture are what bothered me more than any religiosity.

    Alex – hilarious!

    Buffal0Gal – agreed. However, everything we cherish most has been institutionalized. Can you imagine hospitals without medical schools? Art without museums? An educated public without schools? Christianity without small groups (which would require some measure of organization)? (BTW Kontributor, I’m okay with evolution, which in no way challenges the truth value of properly interpreted scripture – it’s NOT all literal).

    Fireflight – perfect!

    All – note: “tacky & disrespectful” was genuine (my true opinion). The rest of my comment was intended to be funny. Really, I am “over myself.” I was raised as a Southern Baptist, became an atheist, and have long since moved to a more progressive and healthy strain of Christianity, namely: follow Jesus = love God + love people. That’s about the extent of it for me.

    Grace & peace, Scott

  25. Erik Rose says:

    If “Person A” forms a belief in something and said belief is based on too little evidence, or worse yet, no evidence at all, one would be justified in stating that Person A’s belief is unfounded and/or illogical.

    Intelligent people do not act illogically nor to they cling to unfounded beliefs.

    All religions are based on Dogma, beliefs based on no evidence whatsoever.

    Therefore, religious people are not intelligent.

  26. Els says:

    Haha amazing!

  27. henrykwdk says:

    @Scott: I, for one, wouldn’t make fun of Great Friday, either – unless subjected to mild physical pressure. But: I really don’t see how Jessica makes fun of it; the fun starts with the right diagram. The left one is just a starting point for an intelligent pun.

    @Erik: Oh, yes, they do, your intelligent people, unless you define linear thinking as intelligent; it’s not necessarily so.

    One unfounded belief some intelligent people share is that their logic is infallible and their beliefs always entirely founded on evidence.

    So, to sum up, I hold your conclusion invalid.

    And: not all religions are based on a dogma (take buddhism), and even in those dogma-based there may be groups not buying into the dogma (take mystics).
    But: you are right on one count: it’s all much about belief, your stance included.

    No need to go dogmatic on anything, and that includes going against the religions.

    In case you’re in doubt: this written by an agnostic.


  28. Tberculosis says:

    I’m drinking a beer right now. I had a hamburger for lunch and we’re going to a bar tonight. Awesome Friday indeed.

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